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How to use Tech Installs

Tech Installs allows you to track every install of a tech-partner of yours that matches your ICP. This allows you to keep on top of all new pipeline opportunities that you can lean on your partners for.

Currently in beta

The core use-case for this feature is that I want to know which new opportunities my tech-partners have that could help me hit my goals.

It’s really easy to set-up:

  1. Head to the tab and search the name for a tech-partner of yours

    a. Once you’ve selected the tech-partner, choose Country, Category, and Employee count (which define your ICP, so you don’t select ALL of their new installs)

    b. Click save.

Step 1

  1. A webhook is then set-up to track this. It runs on Sunday evenings. Once it’s run, it’ll show the data below:

    a. Here’s a search for did for Attentive.

    b. It’ll also enrich their platform and tech (if on Shopify).

    Step 2

  2. Right at the bottom you can also see total number of installs:

Step 3

This is a beta so please send your feedback!